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DEVELOPMENT AND PROGRAMMING boasts an internal technical department where highly qualified personnel, supported by cutting-edge computer systems, such as 2D/3D, CAD/CAM,
define and control the entire productive cycle.


2D laser cutting to 25mm 4000x2000 and Punching
The department has an automated warehouse allowing 24-hour production without the need for operator oversight,
which permits fast product realisation turnaround times at a competitive price.


Robotic bending up to 4000mm to a maximum of 320 tons.
The department has 5 press brakes + a robot all operated by specialist operators.


2,500 square metres out of 5,000 are dedicated to the assembly of parts.
We perform MIG MAG and TIG welding, calendaring, shearing and saw cutting.
At the end of the production cycle, the company assembles the parts to produce the component or the finished or semi-finished product.


As per production requests, performs the following types of welding:

MIG/MAG welding
Indicated where there is a requirement for:
- a mechanical seal:
fixtures, frames, boxes, lifting equipment and parts, stands...

TIG welding
Indicated where there is a requirement for:
- a pressure seal:
pipes, pipe unions, fittings, pumps, boilers.
- aesthetic quality:
in this case, there is a requirement for a high quality finish rather than a tight mechanical seal.


The company has a robotic MIG MAG welding station,
indicated where there is a requirement for:
- high precision
- high repeatability
- high quality
- high speed