About us

Our company is a solid industrial reality

that has been operating for over 30 years in the field of sheet metal processing, offering a wide range of related services: laser cutting and bending with CNC machines, welding, calendering, surface finishing and assembly of light, medium and heavy carpentry.
Over the course of our ten-year activity, also thanks to close collaboration with our customers, we have specialized in multiple application sectors: from industrial plant engineering to handling, from textiles to transport components, to the food, agricultural and healthcare machinery and equipment sector.

Our history

We were born in 1988 as an artisan works and we have retained its best characteristics: the identity of a family business, production flexibility, the direct relationship with customers and synergy with suppliers, the courage to take risks and the desire to grow. In over thirty years of activity we have made the qualities of the industrial company our own: management dynamism, timely quality control, people training and the commitment to continuously invest in technology and resources.
All this has allowed us over time to be a qualified and reliable partner and to expand our range of action not only to domestic customers but also to foreign markets.

The desire to adapt to the needs of the market has therefore favored the development of the production range and services, with the adoption of sophisticated technologies to support the manufacturing processes.

  • 2D laser cutting systems with fully automatic feeding magazine and 2000 x 4000 working range.
  • Press brake machines from 2.5m to 4m up to 320 tons. with bending robot.
  • Use of CAM technology for off-line programming.

​Me.Com has adopted

precious and modern media are designed to complement the service to customers:

  • Using CAM technology for off-line programming.