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Sheet metal processing, laser cutting, bending,
welding & assembly, fabrication

About us

Me.com is an established industrial facility dedicated to the processing of sheet metal and associated services for third parties: laser cutting and bending with CNC machinery, light, medium and heavy metal fabrication. Me.com caters for a wide range of manufacturing sectors: from textiles to interior design, from components for transport to handling and moving, to food, agriculture and health sectors, etc.

Production sectors


Development and construction of metal structures through laser-cutting, CNC bending, welding, assembly, painting, galvanising,


Collaboration between our development centre and architecture and design studios allows your projects to take shape.


Assembly and assembly testing, as well as additional finishing services, such as galvanising and painting, etc.


High standards in the production of parts where aesthetics are of high importance: civil and industrial furnishings, furniture parts, automotive bodies, panelling and components for the food sector.


We directly manage additional processes relating to the range of surface treatments we offer, such as painting, galvanising, nickel plating, etc.


We offer architects, designers, design studios and technical departments, the necessary support to make the most of the plant and its production processes.

Sheet metal processing
Laser cutting


Technical consultancy, project optimisation and implementation, prototyping, serial production, machining service, surface treatment service, transportation.

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